11 Best Landing Page Design Examples To Copy in 2016



If you held a gun to my head and told me, “you have 48 hours to create a profitable business,” I’d start with a landing page.


A landing page is the key to success online. It’s the first thing visitors see when they land on your site.

Many companies compulsively A/B test their landing page design and copy for this exact reason. It’s the base that enables a sale to happen.

And if a sales funnel is the super highway to the destination, then a landing page is the on ramp.

The text and design components of your landing page are key to propelling traffic down the super highway toward the purchase of your product.


And, it’s no secret that design can influence the brain in uncanny ways.

In fact, there’s an interesting study conducted by the Society for Psychophysiological Research about this idea. 

According to this study, visual stimuli can engage your prospects’ motivations. Depending on what they’re shown, they’ll have a different emotional response.

You want the design of your landing page to capitalize on this and to hit the right emotional response of your customers.

To help you do just that, I’ve rounded up some of the best designed landing pages from around the internet.

As you walk through these landing pages, I’ll give you a mini-breakdown of why each one works.

I’ll give you a breakdown of what they can do better, too.

By the end of this article, I want you to walk away with better knowledge of what comes together to create an effective landing page.

And, hey, you may not read it from start to finish, but I hope you’ll bookmark it.

Because there are some real lessons to be learned.

And when the time is right, you can swipe some of these ideas for your own landing pages :-)

#1 for SaaS—Campaign Monitor is Clean, Simple, and Impactful

Campaign Monitor.png


Why It Works

This landing page is simple and streamlined. Campaign monitor is an email marketing service, and their landing page is designed to convert. From the above-the-fold content and CTA, to the demo—this is one to take a closer look at.

Here are some of the big things Campaign Monitor has done right:

  • The image used features people looking straight at the Call to Action (CTA) which brings the user’s attention directly to it.

  • There’s also an arrow extending down to the CTA. This is a best practice—always use visual cues to guide the visitor’s eyes to your CTA.
  • The demo which visually demonstrates the ease of the service allows the visitor to vicariously “use” it before buying —at halfway down the page, it’s perfectly positioned to hone in on prospects as they want to learn more about the service.

Campaign Monitor (Demo).png

  • Important: the text layout is clean—the clear line breaks make it easy for the reader to digest the content, line-by-line.

Ideas to Make It Even Better

  • Add substantiated proof to the “Award winning customer support” claim—such as a photo of the award they’ve won, or the name of it. Without it, this claim falls flat as a selling point.
  • If they’re using this landing page (we found it via a cost per click), the headline should directly match the copy on their Google Analytics (GA). Consistency is key.
  • “Campaign monitor has completely changed the game for us”—this leading testimonial is fairly generic. I would replace it with a captivating customer testimonial that really does the selling. Tip: only use truly awe-inspiring, raving testimonials for your landing page.

#2 Hotels and Travel—Expedia is Bright and Inviting



Expedia does an excellent job of guiding visitors to their Call To Action (CTA). As a search engine to locate cheap hotel, plane and car deals, their landing page clearly drives their visitors to search. There’s no confusion about what the customer should do next.

Why It Works

  • The page colors pop out yellow and blue contrast nicely.
  • The headline introduces a tangible and immediate benefitas with their overall goal (to prompt a user to ‘search’) the headline adds ammunition to the goal.  
  • They anticipate their customers next questions in a subtle waythey know their market. It shows. Once you search for a hotel or flight, all the information you need next is right there. This includes maps for the location of the hotel and multiple options for the range of hotels and brands. Rather than take to Google to find the address, they’ve tried to minimize any hesitance (or distraction) in their prospect’s mind—so they can convert quicker.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • Get rid of the bottom page SEO linksthe reason is simple: the mess of links is just crowding the page and isn’t directly benefiting the user.
  • Replace the photos of the hotel exterior with photos of hotel rooms—you want users to imagine being in the room when they first see the hotel. You want your landing page to create a positive impression of your service, rather than detract from it.
  • Add more relevant social proof—I’d recommend introducing a number as social proof. According to research, simplifying it will improve your conversion rate.
    • But you want to be careful—when introducing a number, do not include one that’s hard for a reader to digest. Research done by Derek Halpern suggests that adding hard-to-read numbers (like 14,752) add more “mental load” for your readers and detract from conversion rates. So keep it simple.

#3 for B2C Service Lead Generation—Freedom Debt Consolidation Service is Instantly Gratifying

Freedom Debt Relief.png


Freedom Debt Consolidation Service’s website is interactive. It is designed to enter the current customer’s situation in a seamless and simple way. They know that their market already has a looming concern. Rather than overwhelm them, they have implemented an interactive interface that gives a feeling of instant gratification. It introduces an immediate solution to their #1 concern—seeking help with debt.

Why It Works

  • It’s a great example of a simple landing page that offers a clear solution to convert a prospect to a lead. They know they don’t need much more information to take the next step, they just need to see a solution.
  • The copy is conversational(“Choose your debt amount”). It doesn’t feel like you’re just entering a number into an interface. It feels conversational and unintimidating.
  • The CTA is perfect—“continue” is an action-led CTA that implies there’s more on the next page.
  • The phone number in the top right corner improves the trust factor for visitors—with a service like this, where they are confronting personal issues, trust and credibility are a big concern for their market.
  • The social proof is positioned to add credibility—the logos of associations and organizations like the BBB and the AFCC imply they are a trustworthy business.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • The experience in clicking through from the landing page is satisfyingbut the end result is a bit devious (“Congratulations! You may be eligible for debt relief”). Looking at the headline, one expects to have more information and/or results—such as a demo, a video, or even just a brief text explanation. This falls flat on the instant gratification factor the previous page elicits.
  • I’d recommend an A/B test of a progress bar at the top of their page. This would allow users to see how close they are to the finish line and reduce bounce rates.

#4 for Free Website DesignWix is Showing Off



Wix is a website building platform that has built their business on a simple value proposition: being easy to use. They have a wide market appeal, for good reason. They use their landing page to not only showcase the benefits of their service, but their actual product, as well, by utilizing it for this page.

Why It Works

  • “Start Now” as a Call To Action is so simple. It implies no complication. It also adds to the strength of the headline, by following up on the ease-of-use in building a website.
  • The headline broadcasts the service’s two biggest selling points—you can “start for free,” and it’s “easy to set up without having to code.” This pulls the prospect in instantly.
  • The use of text in the footerThis webpage was created using the Wix Editorre-establishes the power of the service. Try to find a way to show how powerful your service is in the same way.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • There needs to be more information. Similar to Campaign Monitor, a quick demo video would be helpful to demonstrate how the service works. There needs to be more clarity given about the capabilities of the service and the pricing plans. While all the benefit-driven copy is great, there are still many questions that need to be answered.
  • I recommend A/B testing an odd number of templates on the page. Having an odd number of examples often converts better.

#5 for Audiobook ApplicationAudible is Inviting and Emotional

Audiobook Application - Audible - Landing Page example


This landing page hooks you on the enjoyment, the mystery, and the other-worldly feel of being in between the pages of a great novel. As an audiobook app, Audible has been able to steal the spotlight in their market by showing their service in a more emotional light than other services do in the same space. They skip the features and head straight to the one big emotional benefit.

Why It Works

  • I love the value proposition and the headline“your first story is free”—paired with the moving graphics. It creates an unignorable offer.
  • The CTA copy is from a customer’s perspective (“Get my free audiobook”)—this is another best practice (you can see it on Crazy Egg, another company that tests a lot. The CTA on their sign-up page is “Show me my heatmap”).
  • The subheadline puts emphasis on instant gratification“Download a free audiobook of your choice now.” ‘Now’ is a powerful word. Audible knows the subhead is the best moment to use it.
  • The visuals complement the benefitsrather than show a plain image of an audiobook, there’s an inviting visual of a kindle sitting on top of a table with a piece of cake next to it. These kinds of simple visuals allow the user to imagine the product in their own day-to-day life. Rather than showing just the product, they’re showing the bigger experience of using it.
  • The sample preview on the landing page is excellentagain, this demo-like feature lets prospects dip their toes in the water before using the service. Did I mention demos are great for landing pages?
  • Focused use of social proofthere are no links to the testimonials, which means the prospects aren’t redirected off the page.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • Emphasize that there are many more options at the end of the “titles featured” listpeople who don’t see the visuals may move on. This quick fix will prevent that from happening.
  • Add an action-oriented CTA in the footersuch as “Get Started Now” or “Search For A Book” to take the user to the next step.
  • I recommend A/B testing the exclusion of links at the bottom of the page. Also emphasize “© Amazon 2016” in the footer, since Amazon has more social credibility than Audible.
  • Remove the automatic sliderthe human eye will be distracted by the movement rather than the content, and too much information bombarding a reader yields little comprehension.

#6 for Scheduling SoftwarePagerduty is Clear and Conversational

Scheduling Software - PagerDuty - Landing Page example


Paperduty’s landing page is driven by their value proposition. They’re a great example of a fairly dry service who harnesses benefit-driven copy to position themselves in the marketplace. Their landing page is equal parts clear as it is useful in providing a solution.

Why It Works

  • The Call To Action (CTA) is instructive—but using the same color as the logo makes it blend in.
  • They state their Value Proposition above the foldrather than using a clever headline/subheadline combo, the text above the fold cuts straight to saying what they do and how they do it.
  • The subheadline turns their biggest feature into a benefit—“Centralize on-call schedules across all your monitoring tools” (feature), “to empower development teams and reduce alert fatigue” (benefit).
  • They include B2B social proofinstead of leading with testimonials or case studies, they use the type of social proof that matters most to the audience—the logos of other companies who use it.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • Include a “How it Works” step-by-step demo—the reader wants to know how this specifically solves their monitoring issue in a sequential, concrete way. While they’ve done a great job at showcasing their service, they need to show the prospect how it will work for them.
  • A/B test a Call To Action (CTA) at the bottom—people landing here via clickthrough may not convert immediately, even with the sign-up button in the top right corner. This will catch the prospects who scroll to the bottom.
  • Add pictures of people for each testimonial in the social proof sectionfaces are always more engaging.
  • The social proof is great on the sign-up pagethis should be included on the landing page, as well.
  • Test using a numerical value, instead of the word ‘thousands.’ The exact numerical value of users can look more impressive.
  • Continue to pivot each subheadline to emphasize a benefit, rather than the feature alone. This will add more real-life tangibility to the service.

#7 for Content PromotionOutbrain Utilizes Many Best Landing Page Practices (And It Shows)

Content Promotion - Outbrain - Landing Page example


Outbrain uses a combination of powerful landing page elements to drive their value proposition home. Outbrain’s landing page is a good example of one that hits the right length. It’s long enough to entice the prospect, but short enough to not be overwhelming. Best of all, the landing page utilizes conversational copy in a unique way.

Why It Works

  • There’s a great interactive element to the CTA—instead of using generic ‘Start Now’ text, they give prospects the opportunity to interact with the service and see how it works with their content. This interactive element boasts higher levels of engagement and converts much better, if you can do it right—as Outbrain does.
  • The feature bullet points are good and concise—thankfully, there’s no big blocks of text that distract from the message. Each bullet point adds only more value to the user.
  • The CTA copy introduces an immediate benefit—“Get Traffic Now.” This kind of ‘clickable benefit’ is highly effective. It’s too attractive not to click as a prospect.
  • The FAQs answer all user objections and lead with the most common questions first. It’s a great example of a landing page FAQ section designed well.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • Move the social proof closer to the top of the pageif credibility is immediately visible, prospects are more likely to trust the company.
  • The “Get Traffic Now” button looks pixelated—while the copy is strong, the color isn’t. Try red.
  • Test rounding the corners of the CTA button—rounded corners are “easier on the eyes” and make information easier to process for the reader, which generates a better conversion rate.
  • Why is the privacy policy so close to the CTA? Move it down—this only serves as a distraction. Unless there is a reason for it (i.e. data that indicates their audience wants to immediately see this), move it farther down and keep it as incognito as possible.
  • Make the CTA more prominentReplace “Start Now” with “Get Traffic Now,” and keep all of the CTAs consistent.
  • Visually draw the prospect’s eye to the search field with a simple graphic, like an arrowthis will make the search field more noticeable and increase its efficacy.
  • Make the headline clearer—Outbrain should A/B test a clearer headline such as “Get Your Content Discovered,” as opposed to the current headline which may be too aggressive.
  • Move the FAQs—the FAQs should always be positioned after the “How it Works” section to immediately address objections a prospect has devised while reading the latter.

#8 for Marketing Course—Summer of Marketing is Highly Visual

Marketing Course - Summer of Marketing - Landing Page example


This landing page has both well-executed copy and design. The lack of jargon in the copy appeals to small businesses. The color palette is bright, inviting, and reinforces the website’s feeling of ease.

Why It Works

  • Great use of color (and contrast)—the use of blue, yellow, and green captures the reader’s eye and entices the prospect to stay on the page. Visually, it’s engaging.
  • Result-focused headline—it tells the user exactly what they will achieve (“Go from nothing to 10,000 visitors a month”). It serves the dual purpose of calling out to the audience, too.
  • The countdown timer adds a sense of urgency—it communicates to prospects that this kind of opportunity isn’t always available, which further increases desire.
  • The testimonials feel authentic—they aren’t generic. They feel friendly, positive, and sincere.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • Define the target audience for the course—is this for start-ups? Solopreneurs? Small businesses? While they do mention going from “zero visitors a month,” providing these specifics would weed out the wrong prospects and capture the right ones.
  • Test using the Facebook and Mint logo for additional social proof—additional social proof won’t detract from the message. You need to test and determine what the “social proof sweet spot” is.

#9 for Law Firm Advertising—ONE400 Looks Credible and Targeted

Law Firm Advertising - ONE400 - Landing Page example


ONE400 sells advertising to law firms. While the design looks aesthetically pleasing at first glance, there’s a lot they could be doing better. For that reason, let’s dive straight into improving the landing page.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • Identify the specifics of the service—no description of the process or product is provided. ONE400 should clarify what kind of online advertising it offers to avoid misinformed leads.
  • Why does the cursor turn into a clickable hand in the form fields? It’s distracting. Test using a “button-like” text field.
  • Change CTA button text from “Learn More” to “Get Started”—it’s situationally appropriate and action-oriented. “Learn more” implies delayed gratification.
  • Add support to the “Online Advertising from the Experts” claim—what makes ONE400 an expert? Like in the case of Campaign Monitor, this claim is ineffective without supportive evidence.
  • Including pictures of people with their testimony increases conversion. Adding pictures will catch the eye and help customers relate. As the quotes currently stand, people will gloss over them.


The Greatest Downfalls of ONE400’s Landing Page

  • Clicking the logos takes you off-site which will off-road prospects.
  • There are too many questions left unanswered. The company has made no attempt to gain customers’ trust as a service provider, yet immediately requests the prospects’ information.

#10 for Adwords Grader/Management—WordStream is Engaging and Instantly Gratifying

Adwords - WordStream - Landing Page example


Wordstream offers pay-per-click software to optimize sites like Google and social media. Their landing page is driven entirely by their offer. Wordstream knows the demand for their service, so they focus on laying out their offer in detail to convert prospects to leads, rather than trying to justify the prospects’ need for their service. They are focused on converting the right leads, rather than converting all leads. It’s a simple idea: if you don’t get what they offer, you’re not the right lead. If you do, it’s a no brainer.

Why It Works

  • The Google partnership logo icon is highly credible social proof for this market, which is important to determine.
  • Incorporating a clear preview of what’s included when you click the CTA: no guesswork for prospects.

    What You'll Get.pngThe “what you’ll get” section lists out in detail what WordStream will provide.

  • There’s emphasis on a featured testimonial from renowned Perry Marshallthis adds credibility, borrows influence, and carries weight for those familiar with Adwords and paid advertising. This relates back to converting the right leads, not all leads.
  • Use of a listicle-style subhead—“5 Reasons to Use Adwords Performance Grader”—draws in the reader. Only 4 are listed, so the prospect must continue reading to find the 5th.
  • Showcasing an award adds big weight to the company’s credibility. The audience is more likely to trust the company is accredited to grade their Adwords performance.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • The images on the testimonials could be sharper and more prominent—this will enhance the site’s visual appeal.
  • Test different colors for the CTA button (yellow or red) and see what performs better.
  • Test the copy on the Call To Action (CTA) button— like in some of the other examples listed above, pivoting the CTA to the reader’s perspective is a great tactic.
  • Bold the most important headlines for skim ability—prospects will skim and still take in the value, when there’s visual weight added.
  • Include another Call To Action (CTA) at the bottom—prospects who didn’t click on the first CTA might be lost. A CTA at the end will direct prospects to the next step, rather than hoping they’ll take action on their own.

#11 for 3D Animation Platform—Viddyoze Grabs Your Attention (And Your Desire)



Viddyoze is web-based 3D software, which is well exhibited on their landing page. Viddyoze’s demo, the first thing customers see, immediately entices prospects who don’t need the service by modeling the software’s capabilities.

Why It Works

  • The landing page is simple and uncluttered—the demo speaks for itself through visuals.
  • The “How it Works” breakdown is demonstrative and concise—it leaves few questions to be answered for a reader. It’s also one of the biggest things you find yourself asking, so this breakdown is useful.

Ideas to Make It Better

  • The headline is vague
    • While it emphasizes the ease of use—“instant animation at the click of your mouse”—it doesn’t communicate the process.
    • The subheadline further complicates the service: “fastest 3D animation platform.” Is this for 3D modelers? Or designers? Is this a specialized software? Is speed a benefit?
  • Showcase the product, not the creatorsrather than including a video about the creators’ story, detailing the product (and its tested results) are more important to prospects at this stage.
  • Test a contrasting color for the CTA button—such as red, orange, or yellow. Create action-oriented CTA copy, instead of “Sign-up here.”
  • While its inclusion is important, the “How it Works” section should be introduced sooner—for a software product, an audience’s main concern is how it operates. After enticing prospects, the company should move quickly to explaining its process.

So, what is the “best” landing page design?

Here’s the truth.

There’s not a single example I could show you that would be “the one.”

Here’s what I can tell you, though: there are a number of success patterns that the “best” landing page designs do have in common.

You’ve seen some of them.

To jog your memory, here are a few of the biggest points we made. You can implement them right now to make your landing page better:

  • Strong copy in your Call To Action that tells your visitors exactly what to do next.
  • A demo video on the main page to give your visitors all the information they need to take the next step.
  • A strong headline that doesn’t confuse, but clarifies. 

As for the other tactics, they’ll take longer to test and determine their worth to your business.

Wherever you are on your journey to designing the best landing page for your business, know that we’re behind you.

And you’ll get there eventually. There is a light at the end of the tunnel :-)

So start small: what is the next thing you can add (or take away) from your landing page to improve it right now?

Let me know in the comments.

Stay Focused, Keep Hustlin’


If you want to design the best landing page for your business sooner (rather than later), we can help you.

Take a quick minute to watch our demo to see what we can do for you.


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