Overrated SEO Copywriting Tips That Actually Don’t Work Well


Overrated SEO Copywriting Tips

Here’s the thing: Not all copywriting advice is as amazing as it’s cracked up to be. Some SEO copywriting tips are super helpful, while others are kinda overrated, out of date, or just don’t work as well as people say they do.

That’s why it’s essential to figure out which tips are really worth following and which ones you can safely ignore. In this article, we’re gonna dive into seven copywriting tips that might not be as awesome as you thought, and we’ll share some alternative ideas to help you create even more engaging and effective copy.

SEO Copywriting Tips

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A Quick Stroll Down Copywriting Memory Lane

Ah, copywriting. It’s come a long way since the days of quill pens and inkwells (though we’re pretty sure they had some killer taglines back then).

Back in the day, we had “Mad Men” in snazzy suits crafting clever ads for billboards and newspapers, armed with nothing but their wit, a typewriter, and probably a glass of something strong. Their challenge? Create memorable slogans and taglines that would grab people’s attention in the few seconds it took to turn the page or drive by a billboard.

Fast forward to the internet age, and copywriting became a whole new ball game. Now, our trusty copywriters had to learn the mystical art of SEO, battling with algorithms and keywords to claim the coveted top spots on search engine results pages. And don’t even get us started on social media.

So here we are, in the wild and wacky world of modern copywriting, where the only constant is change. But with all the copywriting tips and tricks… which ones have proven to be duds? Or at least not as great as they seemed.

Copywriting memory lane

Overrated Tip #1: Write Like You Speak

You’ve probably heard this one before: “Just write like you talk, and everything will be fine.” The idea is that if you write in a way that mirrors how you speak in casual conversations, your copy will come across as more authentic, relatable, and easy to understand.

Why It Doesn’t Work as Well as You Think

  1. Lack of Structure and Clarity: When we chat with friends or coworkers, our speech can be a bit all over the place—jumping from one idea to another, using incomplete sentences, and sometimes even trailing off midthought. That kind of writing might sound more “natural,” but it can also make your copy harder to follow and understand.
  2. Inclusion of Colloquialisms and Slang: In casual conversations, we often use slang, jargon, and colloquial expressions that might not be universally understood. While it’s okay to use some of these terms in your copy to create a more informal tone, using too many of them can leave your readers feeling confused or excluded.
  3. Inconsistency in Tone and Style: When we talk, our tone and speaking style can change depending on the situation or who we’re talking to. But if you’re constantly switching up your tone and style in your copy, depending on who’s writing, it can be jarring for your readers and make it harder for them to connect with your message.

Alternative Approach

Write according to your target audience’s preferred tone and style as well as your branding. What exactly is that? It completely depends on who you’re writing for! This is where you need to do your research. Finding the middle ground between your brand persona and your target market’s preferences is the perfect balance you want to go for.

You can still write in a way that’s engaging and easy to read, but also make sure your ideas are organized and your sentences are complete. This way, your copy will be more accessible to a wider audience, while still feeling authentic and relatable.

Overrated writing tip

Overrated Tip #2: Always Use Short Sentences and Paragraphs

You’ve likely encountered the advice to “always use short sentences and paragraphs” in your copywriting journey. The thought behind this tip is that shorter sentences and paragraphs are easier to read and help keep your reader’s attention, preventing them from getting overwhelmed or bored.

Why It Doesn’t Work as Well as You Think

  1. Loss of Rhythm and Flow: Sure, short sentences and paragraphs can be snappy and easy to digest, but if your entire copy is made up of these, it can become monotonous and lack rhythm. Good writing has a natural ebb and flow, and mixing up sentence and paragraph lengths can create a more enjoyable reading experience.
  2. Oversimplification of Complex Ideas: Sometimes, complex ideas need more than a few words to be properly explained. By trying to force every idea into a short sentence or paragraph, you may end up oversimplifying important points, leaving your readers with an incomplete understanding of your message.
  3. Potential for Disjointed and Fragmented Content: Relying too heavily on short sentences and paragraphs can make your copy feel disjointed and disconnected. This can make it difficult for your readers to see how your ideas relate to each other and can even create confusion.

Alternative Approach

Balance short and long sentences and paragraphs for better readability. Instead of sticking to short sentences and paragraphs all the time, aim for a balanced mix of both.

Use shorter sentences and paragraphs to emphasize key points and create a sense of urgency, while longer ones can be used to explain more complex ideas and provide context. Your copy will have a natural rhythm and flow, making it more engaging and easier to read.

Redundant copywriting tips

Overrated Tip #3: Focus on Features, not Benefits

This tip suggests that when writing copy, you should concentrate on highlighting the features of your product or service, rather than the benefits. The rationale behind this tip is that by showcasing the specific features, you can demonstrate the functionality and technical aspects of your offering, which will impress potential customers.

Why It Doesn’t Work as Well as You Think

  1. Lack of Emotional Connection With the Reader: While it’s important to let your audience know about your product’s features, focusing solely on these can make your copy feel dry and uninspiring. People are often driven by emotions when making decisions, and by not addressing the benefits of your product, you’re missing out on creating an emotional connection with your reader.
  2. Missed Opportunity To Showcase the Product’s Unique Selling Points: Features alone don’t tell the full story of how your product can improve your customers’ lives. By not emphasizing the benefits, you’re missing the chance to showcase your product’s unique selling points. With this kind of SEO copywriting tips, you end up not being able to persuade potential customers that your offering is the best choice for their needs.
  3. Difficulty in Differentiating From Competitors: When you only focus on features, it can be challenging to differentiate your product from competitors with similar offerings. By highlighting the benefits, you can show your audience why your product stands out and why it’s the better choice.

Alternative Approach

Emphasize both features and benefits to create a compelling message. Instead of solely focusing on features, make sure to emphasize both features and benefits in your copy.

Start by presenting the features of your product or service, then explain how these features translate into tangible benefits for your customers. This approach creates a more engaging and persuasive message, allowing you to connect with your audience emotionally and demonstrate the true value of your offering.

Non-effective SEO writing tips

Overrated Tip #4: Stuff Your Copy With Power Words, Buzzwords, and Keywords

This kind of SEO copywriting tip is all about making your content extra punchy and attention-grabbing. The idea is that the more of these words you use, the more persuasive your copy will be, as well as the better it would rank on search engines.

Why It Doesn’t Work as Well as You Think

  1. Overuse Can Make You Sound Sketchy: Sure, power words and buzzwords can make your copy more engaging, but if you go overboard, your content might start to sound a bit sketchy. Using the same keywords too often also has the same effect. When every sentence is packed with these words, your audience might start to question your credibility and trustworthiness.
  2. Too Many Buzzwords Can Leave Readers Feeling Lost: If you stuff your copy with buzzwords, you risk leaving readers who aren’t familiar with the terms feeling like they’re out of the loop. Instead of drawing them in, you might end up pushing potential customers away.
  3. Gimmicky Vibes, Anyone? Going overboard with power words and buzzwords can make your copy sound like you’re trying way too hard to play with people’s emotions. This can come across as insincere and gimmicky, which doesn’t exactly inspire trust or persuade your audience to take action.

Alternative Approach

The best copywriting tips emphasize using power words and buzzwords sparingly and authentically. Instead of cramming your copy with these, use them strategically and genuinely.

Add power words to emphasize key points or stir up relevant emotions, and only throw in buzzwords when they really help get your message across. By being more intentional with your word choice, you’ll write copy that’s engaging and persuasive, without sounding like you’re trying to pull a fast one on your readers.

Non-effective writing tips

Overrated Tip #5: Lists and Bullet Points Everywhere

This tip basically says, “Hey, if you want to make your copy easy to read, just use lists and bullet points all the time.” They’re known for breaking down complex ideas, making stuff simpler, and giving readers a break from walls of text.

Why It Doesn’t Work as Well as You Think

  1. Sometimes, you just need a good ol’ paragraph: There are moments when you’ve got to dive deeper into a topic, and a paragraph lets you do that without sacrificing the flow of your ideas.
  2. Lists can feel like you’re trying too hard: Not everything fits neatly into a list or bullet points. Jamming them in where they don’t belong can make your content feel awkward and disjointed.
  3. Too many lists? Snooze fest: Sure, lists and bullet points are eye-catching, but overdoing it can make your copy look like a never-ending grocery list. Mixing it up with different formats keeps things fresh and engaging.

Alternative Approach

Be smart about your lists and bullet points. Don’t just throw lists and bullet points everywhere like confetti.

Use them when they make sense, and stick to paragraphs when you need to explain something more complex or provide context. You’ll create copy that’s not only easy on the eyes but also super informative.

Bullet list copywriting tips

Overrated Tip #6: Going All-In on SEO

This tip is like that friend who’s obsessed with SEO, always telling you to cram in keywords, make sure your word count is on point, and follow every SEO rule to climb the search engine ranks. Sure, it sounds great in theory, but there’s more to the story.

Why It Doesn’t Work as Well as You Think

  1. Good content might suffer: When you’re all about that SEO life, sometimes the actual content takes a backseat. Let’s be real—nobody wants to read a keyword-stuffed article that feels like it was written by a robot.
  2. Forcing keywords? Not cool: You know when you’re reading something and it’s super obvious they just shoved in a keyword because they had to? Yeah, that’s not fun. It ruins the flow and makes your content feel, well, forced.
  3. Word count obsession can do more harm than good: Writing a novel just to hit some magical SEO number? Not the best idea. It can make your content long-winded and boring. And if you’re cutting good stuff to keep things short? Your readers might be left hanging.

Alternative Approach

SEO and great content, BFFs. Don’t let your love for SEO ruin your content game. Keep SEO best practices in mind, but don’t let them run the show.

Focus on creating content your readers will actually enjoy and sneak in those keywords and other SEO goodies naturally. That way, you’ll make both search engines and your audience happy campers.

Thorough SEO Copywriting tip

Overrated Tip #7: Always Crank Up the Urgency

This tip suggests that you should always make your copy feel urgent, like there’s a ticking clock and your readers are about to miss out on something amazing. It’s kind of like that in-person salesperson who’s always pushing you to buy right now, or else.

Why It Doesn’t Work as Well as You Think

  1. Nobody likes pushy: When you’re too aggressive with your urgency, it can rub people the wrong way. Nobody wants to feel pressured into making a decision, and it might even turn them off your offering altogether.
  2. Cheapens your vibe: Going overboard with the “act now” tactics can make your product or service seem a little...well, cheap. You want your audience to think you’re offering something valuable, not just trying to make a quick buck.
  3. Boy who cried wolf: If you’re constantly using urgency in your copy, it’s going to lose its impact over time. Your readers will catch on and might start to tune you out, which is the opposite of what you want.

Alternative Approach

Be cool with your urgency. Urgency can be a powerful tool, but you’ve got to play it cool. Use it strategically and sparingly, and make sure it feels genuine.

Instead of going for the hard sell, focus on creating a sense of excitement and value around your offering. That way, your readers will be more likely to take action without feeling like they’re being strong-armed into it.


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Overrated Copywriting

Finding What Really Works by Figuring Out What Doesn’t

We went over several tips today. What’s most important is to remember these key takeaways when you want to improve copywriting skills:

  • Writing like you speak isn’t always the best idea!
  • Variety is the spice of life, remember? So your copy should reflect that, too, in using short and long sentences.
  • Write for people, not search engines (because, you know, robots aren’t your customers).

As you journey through the copywriting universe, remember to take every piece of advice with a grain of salt. Not all SEO copywriting tips will work for you or your audience, so keep your thinking cap on and be ready to adapt or even ditch some of those so-called “rules” when they don’t feel right for your situation.

The real secret sauce? Developing your own unique and effective copywriting style that connects with your audience and gets the job done. Stay true to your voice, focus on what matters to your readers, and keep pushing yourself to be the best copywriting rockstar you can be.

Now, go! Get out there, break some rules, and write copy that’ll make people sit up and take notice. You got this!

Got other overrated tips in mind?

Let me know in the comments below.

Keep AutoGrowin’, stay focused.



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