User Feedback Grew Our Sales by 71% (Here's How...)

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  • AutoGrow’s sales increased from a trickle to more than 70% (and $500+) by inviting customer feedback.
  • Tools like and Fiverr can be used to achieve similar results for your business.

Hi and welcome to another addition of 10-Minute Matt Hacks, where I teach you how to be more awesome in digital marketing, and accelerate your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. My name is Matt Ackerson, and I’m the founder of

Today, I want to talk to you about the power of simple feedback and how it helps to grow sales in your sales funnel.

Now, in the previous video, we talked about how in the the beginning of 2017 we were making zero sales for our info product, The Sales Funnel Blueprint. We also discussed the Law of Visibility, which is probably one of the most important marketing principles out there.

If you missed that video, I recommend you go back and you watch it after this one. Just to remind you, the Law of Visibility says, " to make sales, people must be aware of your offer, and the best way to make them aware of your offer is to make your offer visible."

In this video, we’re going to talk about the power of feedback and how it helps grow your sales.

Our Experience with Customer Feedback

So, picking up where that story left off, we had started to make sales at the beginning of 2017 for this product called The Sales Funnel Blueprint. Part of how we did that was by employing the Law of Visibility and making the offer visible on our website so people could see it themselves and ask, "Is this of interest to me? Is this going to help my business?"

Now, from February to March, we were evaluating different ways to continuously grow sales from where they're at, because we were getting them in, but at a trickle. Also, we also felt that for the value of the course that we should actually raise the price, but that's something I'll talk more about another day.

The one thing that I will tell you that did really work is we started gathering feedback from people. After talking with our copywriter, we started getting random people to record a video as they walked through the website.

To show you the effect of this, I went into our Stripe account and looked at the sales volume from one month to the next when we were implementing, based on the feedback we received from these different tools we were using. Then we added it up.

From the end of March to the end of April, we totaled $1,229 in sales.

When we compared that to before we implemented the changes to the copy based on the feedback that we were receiving, and after rearranging some things on the landing page, sales were only at about $700.

That's an improvement of more than $500 and about 71%.

Keep in mind too, that traffic was relatively even in this time period. It wasn't growing. It wasn't shrinking. It was right around maybe 22,000 visits per month. In addition, we had launched a special promotion during this same time period, February into March, saying that we were going to raise the price and that if people wanted to get in at the low price, they should go ahead and buy it now before this date. We had a boost in sales at that time as well.

In a way, you could say that this was working against us. To give you an example of what kind of changes we actually implemented based on the feedback we were getting, one person said, "I wish there was a testimonial up here. I think it would convey more trust. I like this headline. I don't like this headline."

There were actually a few typos that we didn't know we had on the sales page and people pointed those out. It was really cool because in the days following fixing those typos, we noticed a very direct correlation between fixing the site and sales. It sounds like an obvious thing, but just fixing little typos can have a direct impact on your sales, as we’ve personally observed.

That was very important and had a really nice boost to sales as well. Then other people were saying, "I like this guarantee versus other guarantees I've seen. I think you can emphasize it more." So we would revise the copy and tweak it based on this.

Tools to Use for Generating Your Own Feedback

Now, to wrap up this video, I want to show you the two tools we recommend using to gather feedback from your audience.

The first one that I want to recommend is This one was started by a buddy of mine, Stuart Brent. What is really great at is giving you aggregate user data based on how people are interacting with your website or your landing page.

What we find most useful about it is you can ask multiple specific questions and people will type their responses. It gives you more of a bird's-eye view.


Now, compare that to the other tool that I like to use, which is Fiverr. This is a freelance services marketplace with a lot of different gigs. The only reason we like to use Fiverr is for getting user feedback.

What's different about the way that we use it, compared to the way we use, is when we place an order, we will ask individual people to record a five to 10-minute video. In the video, we will ask them to walk through their thought process as they're looking at the website in the mindset of entrepreneurs, digital marketers, freelancers and other members of our target audience. Then we ask them to evaluate how they see the offer. Did they see it as trustworthy? Then, based on that, we are able to pick out little nuggets of information.

So we recommend both tools. They're both really great. Another great user experience tool that you can use for boosting your conversions in this way is UserBob. They also do video recordings.

One Action to Take

All right, so that's the tip for today. So, to recap, if you want to grow your conversions for your offers and you're really not sure where to start, start by listening to the feedback of other people. Don't just pay attention to anecdotal feedback from a friend or a family member. Look at at least a dozen different people to hear what they have to say and then incorporate their feedback. Also, give them the mindset of the person that you're looking to target, that you think would be most likely to buy your offer.

If you want to take action on this, go and use the tools that I recommended. They're very affordable and well worth their weight in gold. So, until next time, my name is Matt Ack in the Matt hat, delivering you your daily dose of Matt Hacks. I'll see you soon.

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