5 Examples of Where Not to Use AI in Your Business Yet


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The AI boom is reshaping the business world. According to Stanford University's Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) 2024 AI Index Report, funding for generative AI surged increased nearly 8x from 2022 to reach $25.2 billion. the AI hype train has left the station and is barreling down the tracks at breakneck speeds. 

AI's attraction is clear, drawing in businesses with promises of making operations smoother, reducing mistakes, and cutting costs. This has led to a rush into the AI market.

But, while AI's benefits are tempting, it's important to think about its limits. From maintaining real customer relationships to preserving creative and strategic integrity, AI has boundaries that matter for your business.

Today I want to share 5 things that stand out as critical considerations when deciding where not to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) within your business.

  1. Genuine Images Always Wins
  2. Misinformation From AI Can Land You in Hot Water
  3. Avoid Misinformation Through Human Quality Control
  4. The Need for Human Touch in the Hiring Process
  5. Visual Interface Requires Precision and the Human Touch

Ready to explore where AI might not be the best fit within your business? Click below to read more and understand how to optimize AI's strengths while addressing its limitations.

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Emotional Intelligence: AI's Limitation in Customer Support

"Press 1 to speak to a customer support rep." Ah,  we may soon long for those days. 

Remember when that was as advanced as we got? 

Now, we've got AI stepping into customer service like it owns the place, promising us efficiency, 24/7 availability, all so we can focus more on other aspects of our business. 


But as these AI systems get fancier, it's hard not to think about human warmth. Seriously, when was the last time an AI asked you how your day was going and actually cared about the answer? 

AI's great at sorting out the simple stuff, but throw a little human emotion into the mix, and it can fall flat. 

With the pace AI's being adopted, we're racing towards a world where chatbots are the new customer service reps, boasting a market that's expected to hit a cool $270 million by 2030

As AI gets smarter, the temptation to let bots run the show and save a few bucks is real. But at what cost? 

In a shocking turn of events (not really), 75% of humans surveyed actually said they prefer talking to, well, humans. Shocking, I know. So, while AI can take the lead on things like FAQs and helping customers get to know your business, it's up to ensuring your customers get to deal with the larger issues with your human team.  

The best game plan? A tag team where AI handles the small talk, and humans dive into the deep stuff. This way, everyone gets the best of both worlds—speedy answers and a shoulder to cry on (figuratively, of course).

Remember the goal isn't to make customer service as soulless as possible; it's about keeping the human touch alive and kicking. 

Example 1 Where Not to Use AI: Social Media Pictures Genuine Always Wins

So, we’ve heard AI can now write like Shakespeare, but it’s gotten to the point where it can also create art like Picasso too (ok, maybe not that good, but it’s pretty impressive). 

But nothing screams authenticity like photos of your team in action, customers loving your product or service, and the daily hustle of your business day to day. It's the Instagram gold that no AI can duplicate. 

Think about it: AI trying to capture the heart and soul of a business is like asking a robot to enjoy a sunset. Sure, it can mimic the motions, but can it feel the beauty? Spoiler: No, it can't.

The other issue you run into is that AI photos and how they are created is an extremely hot topic. Because AI uses real photos on the internet to learn and create, many photographers see this as just plagiarism of their work. 


In fact, The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) surveyed its members about their views on AI photos and found that 85% said it's unfair for “AI algorithms to be trained using images without permission or payment to the original artist. 

Keep it real with your photos. When it's time to showcase the heart of your business, stick to the genuine moments. After all, your customers can spot a fake a mile away, and nothing beats the authenticity of a human touch.

Example 2 Where Not to Use AI: Blog Content Misinformation From AI Can Land You in Hot Water

If you're trying to grow your business organically, building a collection of SEO blogs and case studies can be the perfect way to attract new eyes to your brand. Content that's rich, engaging, and oozing with credibility can set you apart.

AI is an incredible way of speeding up the writing process, helping you gather your thoughts and organize them in a way that makes the most sense on paper (well, a screen most likely). 

But AI has about as much grasp on the nuances of truth as a cat does on quantum physics. Sure, it can generate articles a lot quicker than us humans can, but it's also prone to spreading misinformation, especially when dealing with statistics. 

According to a recent report, AI-powered misinformation is the world’s biggest short-term threat. Imagine relying on AI to boost your brand's presence only to find it’s been leading your customers to the wrong idea based on what it wrote.


Not quite the brand image you were going for, right?

This is where you need a human. Fact-checking and ensuring your data is correct before putting it next to your business or brand is a must.

Remember that a single piece of misleading information can tarnish your brand's reputation and even land you in hot water if your claims don’t align with the truth, all because you believed what the AI spit out. 

Example 3 Where Not to Use AI : Social Media Writing Avoid Misinformation Through Human Quality Control

Let's get real—AI, as it currently stands, is about as perfect as my attempt to give up coffee; it tries hard but eventually stumbles. For every thousand tasks it gets right, it’ll confidently run into a glass door. 

That’s why the human touch in quality control is necessary. Humans can catch the subtleties AI misses, like understanding that a “not great” product review is a polite way of saying “this stinks.”

Incorporating AI into your quality control process? Smart move, because over 44% of organizations have said they already implemented AI into their QA processes. But remember, it’s there to help, not to run the whole party. 


Training your team to work alongside AI ensures that when AI decides to go off-script, someone’s there to gently nudge it back on track. 

Example 4 Where Not to Use AI: Hiring Process The Human Touch Is Needed

When it comes to bringing new people on board, treating AI like your main hiring manager could be more of a nightmare than a dream.

Let's break it down. Many open-source AI models come with a "no-go" sign for hiring, mainly because, well, they're not human. They crunch numbers, sure, but understanding the nuances of human interaction or making unbiased decisions? Not so much. 

Here’s where AI could wear the hero cape, though—at the very start of your hiring funnel. Picture this: a sea of applications flooding in for one job opening. AI can be your first mate, sifting through the masses to find those few who meet your basic criteria. 

In fact, 88% of companies worldwide now use some sort of AI tech in their HR, which includes hiring. But remember, once it’s done separating the yeses from the nos, it’s on you to dive deeper. 


Think of AI as the assistant who hands you the resumes saying, "I've sorted the initial mess, now the real work’s on you. Use AI to tackle the resume avalanche, but when it’s time to really get to know your candidates, switch off the machine and switch on your human intuition. 

Example 5 Where Not to Use AI: Visual Interface 

After everything we’ve looked at so far, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement that AI can bring your business. However, there's a crucial area where enthusiasm should be tempered with caution: visual interface interaction. 

These are tasks that require precision and a human touch, such as troubleshooting development issues or crafting a landing page with a drag-and-drop tool like LeadPages. 

Imagine trying to design a visually appealing landing page, but instead it's AI clumsily dragging elements around. The current state of AI, impressive as it may be in other arenas, falls short when it comes to tasks that demand visual finesse and intuitive decision-making.

Take Tesla, for example, a titan in harnessing AI for self-driving technology. Despite having an abundance of data and some of the brightest minds fine-tuning their AI, riding in a Tesla can sometimes feel like participating in a high-stakes game of "Will it or won't it?" with the car's decision-making. 

This serves as a reminder that, while we have entered the age of AI, there are still tons of improvements that need to be made. For now, tasks that involve direct engagement with a visual interface are best left in the hands of those who can navigate the subtleties and unpredictabilities with instinctive ease: humans.

Embracing the Future with Informed Decisions

It's clear that AI technology is both a formidable ally and a complex challenge. AI offers unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, innovation, and insight, but it's not at a level where everything it does is a huge win for your business. 

The key to harnessing its power lies in blending its capabilities with our uniquely human strengths: creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

And if you need help navigating the balance between leveraging AI and maintaining that essential human touch in your business strategies, AutoGrow & Growbo are here to guide you. 

Our mission is to make sure that technology amplifies your vision, rather than making it feel hollow. That's where Growbo, our AI Agent and AI Workflow Platform, comes into play. Dive into early access with Growbo, all for just $1, and see a future where technology enhances every step of your growth, while still having that human touch.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts, experiences, or any AI adventures you've embarked on.

Keep AutoGrowin’, stay focused.



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