The Power of MARKETING PERSONALIZATION w/ Brennan Dunn Founder, CEO


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Brennan Dunn started his career by simply creating landing pages and running Google Ads for a mortgage broker – but he eventually realized the impressive value and profitability of segmentation – and wielding the power of customization has grown his success exponentially ever since. 

Segment. Capture. Personalize. Convert.

Those are the words Brennan Dunn’s website RightMessage shows front and center on their Homepage, and in my recent interview he dives head-first into the importance of niche everything – niche websites, niche offerings, niche products. 

Brennan is an entrepreneur, writer, and founder of, a SaaS tool that helps you survey and segment each visitor your website receives to deliver fully personalized experiences. 

Now he’s running a personalization software business that generates over $30,000 in revenue per month.

In my interview with Brennan, we dive head-first into the nitty gritty details of how he grew his business from the ground up simply by leveraging the power of personalization. 

But more importantly, you’ll find extremely useful information on how to leverage personalization in your own landing pages and marketing strategies – all in my interview with Brennan found in full via the video above.

Key Points:

Brennan Dunn's Background and Achievements in Business

  • Brennan discusses the importance of niche websites, niche offerings, and niche products, stating that they perform better than generic products.
  • He started his career by creating landing pages and running Google ads for a mortgage broker, eventually realizing the huge potential and profitability of this business.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Website Personalization

  • Brennan recently started a new agency that offers personalization and segmentation as a service and has already seen success in revenue.
  • The agency has leveraged Brennan's existing network from his previous business, which had turned away potential clients who weren't willing to learn the software or strategy involved.
  • Brennan currently runs a personalization software business that generates up to $30,000 in revenue per month.

The Impact of Personalization on Sales and Marketing Strategies

  • Brennan mentions personalization results in a 2.38 times increase in additional sales, demonstrating its significant impact on marketing strategies and why it’s key that you implement them on your assets as well.
  • The strategy involves tailoring the messaging and approach to different segments of your audience, addressing their specific needs and relating to them better.
  • Examples, like working with a high-profile creator who saw a 21% increase in sales, illustrate the effectiveness of personalization in driving your sales growth.

The Power of Marketing Personalization

  • He explains personalization can be achieved through simple changes, such as different headlines and featured testimonials, without a complete redesign of your website or assets.

Personalization and Targeted Marketing

  • The goal is to create a website experience that is personalized to your visitors, making them feel that the content is specifically relevant to their needs.
  • Tailored content is highlighted as a key factor in addressing common sales objections and building trust with your potential clients. 

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Difference between Personalization Marketing and Survey Funnel

  • When starting with RightMessage, personalization marketing failed because only first name and email address were collected, not industry data to further aim at each visitor. 
  • This demonstrates the need to collect zero party data via a survey to better personalize your communication and suggestions.
  • Survey funnels allow for the collection of important information, such as the industry, that can then be used to create a more personalized experience to each user that visits your landing pages. 

Personalized Data Collection for Email Marketing

  • Easy, non-loaded questions result in about 98% response rate – so implementing these to your email marketing is key. 
  • A well-constructed multiple choice survey can gather detailed information about your subscribers and help you understand their wants and needs. 
  • Personalized welcome emails and content based on your subscriber data leads to higher engagement and improved conversion rates. 

Insights in Implementing Marketing Personalization

  • Some companies are using tools like chat GPT to personalize content for different industries, allowing for quick and individualized messaging.

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Sales Team and Personalized Content

  • Transferring knowledge about a customer to the website and personalizing the content has shown significant success. 
  • AB testing has demonstrated a 20% to 80% increase in impact, highlighting the effectiveness of providing your audience with personalized content.

Top Critical Takeaways

  • Personalizing products or services for specific niches leads to better performance than generic offerings throughout landing pages and email campaigns.
  • Personalization involves speaking differently to different audience segments, emphasizing relevant examples and testimonials.
  • Tailored content is highlighted as a key factor in addressing common sales objections and building trust with potential clients.
  • The book "This is Personal" emphasizes the importance of personal connection in business, as seen in Brennan's emotional responses to customer interactions.

Brennan Dunn's journey from creating landing pages for a mortgage broker to building a thriving personalization software business showcases the transformative power of segmentation and customization. The interview delves into his success story: revealing the pivotal role of niche products and the profitability they bring. 

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