Seven Tips You Need to Boost Your Sales Funnel in 2020


Mobile Marketing

Mobile users will expect more in 2016. To be precise, they’ll expect innovation atop the world’s best technological offers. Fortunately, the days of text spamming are gone, and mobile marketers can’t cram advertisements into Safari anymore. This means that modern mobile marketing consists of creative campaigns aimed at an appreciative audience.

Once you’ve targeted the correct audience, you need to adopt an innovative mobile-first marketing approach. 2016 will witness numerous advancements in technology and marketing alike, and marketers are urged to check out the strategies likely to emerge. Below are seven tips you should use to empower your sales funnel, benefit the consumer and create a potent mobile marketing plan:

Tip One: Engage with Interactive Media

Interactive Media

You might have noticed it, but mobile media has become incredibly interactive. There's a reason we spend so much of our free time bent over our phones, after all. Apps, videos, games, and other mobile features offer an immersive, interactive experience that often requires the use of both thumbs. Beyond that, funny interactive videos and photo galleries are revolutionizing the way consumers find, browse and share content, raising the bar for competitive marketers.

The Wall Street Journal states mobile media will be a tough egg to crack for most. Larger screens aren’t posing the problem, either. Interactive media is. Hop aboard the train now, because it’s going to pick up quickly. Choose-your-own-direction-styled videos are emerging, and mobile marketers are crafting demonstrations, creating real-time sales floor views and harnessing the power of directional video.

If you choose to go in this direction, keep in mind that these videos can be integrated into your company's app, YouTube channel, or responsive website design. Consider them yet another way to brand your company through creative, interactive marketing.

Tip Two: Brush Up On Your SEO


Search Engine Optimization is still a game-changing utility for marketers. For this reason, you need to prioritize your mobile site’s visual content to increase your SEO ranking.

Infographics, picture and videos again come into play. On mobile web platforms, however, they’re benefiting content creation. A recent Forrester study reveals rich mobile web pictures can be “worth” as much as 1.8 million words. They’re influential, and 2016’s in-depth search additions will greatly increase the relevance of plain text and media search alike.

Beyond this, infographics are popular due to their easily understood layout and to-the-point messaging. For this reason, they are often shared if they make a solid point. More shares on social media or backlinks from industry blogs will also have a positive impact on your SEO.

Tip Three: Get Ready for the B.Y.O.D. Phenomenon

Bring Your Own Device

The “Bring Your Own Device” trend is skyrocketing, and forecasts from the IDC expect mobile workers will constitute 72 percent of the United States workforce by 2020. In 2016, we’re sure to witness even more mobile device reliance on the sales floor. While many businesses already utilize smartphones as sales supplements, the workforce is expected to be dominated by them in upcoming years.

The sales floor is vital to capping off your sales funnel, too. In 2016, reports the same study, 61 percent of business providers are expected to urge employees to bring their devices to work. Customers often appreciate the convenience of mobile check-out, and appreciate when companies make an effort to create a tech-savvy, convenient customer service.

Other customers will appreciate the next development: self-service solutions are on the horizon. Keep track of the latest developments in mobile customer service solutions to find one that works for you, your employees, and your customers.

Tip Four: Get Ready for Instagram Ads

[caption id="attachment_10197" align="alignnone" width="500"]Image Credit: Image Credit:[/caption]

Instagram ads are a relatively new introduction, and 2016 will witness a huge adoption of the “Instagram platform” by many providers. Facebook’s targeting is fully integrated with the platform now, foreshadowing a 2016 filled with Instagram-centric ad campaigns.

Already, more than a few brands are giving the platform a try. But as always, make sure that your audience is active on Instagram before investing in ads. Always do the necessary research before investing in a marketing campaign on a new platform.

Tip Five: Adopt a Mobile Payment Platform

[caption id="attachment_10198" align="alignnone" width="500"]Mobile Payments Image Credit:[/caption]

Mobile-based brand payments are expected to reach $142 billion in volume by 2019. Brands are already integrating mobile payment features, assisting a rapidly growing mobile-first consumer-base.

While mobile payments are growing slowly, consumers have already begun prioritizing brands over restrictive competitors with little pay flexibility. Consider offering a discount for mobile customers for downloading your app or for checking out online to get them used to the process. If you don't have an app yet, make sure your website's checkout service is responsive and easy to read on smaller screens.

Tip Six: Rework for Personalized Information in Ads

Personalized Messages

Bing, Google, Facebook and Apple have all invested huge amounts of resources and time into creating virtual assistant technology. Bing’s Cortana, Google’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri are becoming precursors to Facebook’s newest “M” assistant, and each company has revealed an end-game goal centric on utilizing personalized information and advertisements proactively.

Due to these developments, in 2016 we’re likely to see highly personalized ads capable of assisting buyers before they ever make a request. Ads can be personalized based on recent social media logins, purchases, and more. Consider creating a more personalized ad experience for retargeted customers in particular.

Tip Seven: Prepare for an App-Heavy Environment


In 2016, the mobile marketing industry will shift to prioritize apps. Companies have seen the incredible value offered by dedicated apps, and providers are even reworking their websites to be totally optimized for mobile.

Mobile apps aren’t only visually pleasing; they’re functional and accessible for all. In 2016, your sales funnel will probably rely on a dedicated app. Substantial growth in the mobile world’s app indexing technology has cemented the beginning cornerstones needed for such an environment. Don’t wait. Draft a dedicated app, and become knowledgeable about each app store’s ranking mechanics. If you’re leading the charge in 2016, you’ll be considered a mobile app leader. Your sales funnel will thank you, and so will your buyers.

Need more inspiration on how to boost your sales funnel using mobile marketing? See how these industries are using mobile marketing to engage with their customers. And for further sales funnel assistance and inspiration, register for AutoGrow's Webinar today at 11:00 EST.


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