Tesla's Cybertruck and the Psychology of Selling Uniqueness



Source: www.tesla.com

Christmas is around the corner. Did you make your list for Santa?

If you need any ideas for what to ask for, I’ve got one for you. 

Did you already see Tesla’s new Cybertruck? 

Of course you did. I mean, who hasn’t? It’s all over the news. 

But in case you haven’t, it’s an all-electric battery-powered vehicle that looks like a large metal trapezoid on wheels. It’s nothing like anything you’ve seen on tv or any sci-fi movie. 

In the first 48 hours of pre-orders, Tesla made just shy of $14.6 million USD by selling 146,000 vehicles with a $100 deposit.

But how did they do that? How does a company break the $10M mark in just 2 days?

In this article, you’ll learn how Tesla’s recently launched Cybertuck sells — among other things — uniqueness.

Also, you’ll see the 5 most important characteristics of uniqueness that this multibillion-dollar company sells with its Cybertruck.

Let’s get right into it, and by the way, Happy Holidays!

The Power of Uniqueness 

Unless you’ve been living in complete isolation for the past few weeks, you’ve seen in the news Tesla’s latest vehicle, the Cybertruck.

CEO Elon Musk revealed the long-awaited electric pickup truck in California. With a big  platform rising up from the ground, wafts of artificial smoke, and music drummed through loudspeakers, this large metal trapezoid on wheels was introduced to the crowd. 

As soon as the truck drove onto the stage, Musk brought out the designer of the vehicle to demonstrate how strong the windows were.

He threw a small steel ball at the window from a short distance. The expectation was that the ball would bounce off the window without breaking the glass since bullet-proof is one of its characteristics. But unexpectedly, the ball left the window cracked. 

People are speculating if it was a marketing strategy or if it was something spontaneous.

But whether the incident was unintentional or premeditated, the truth is, Tesla doesn’t really need a boon. 

The power of uniqueness has made the company just shy of $14.6 million USD in 48 hours for the Cybertruck presale, all with just $100 deposits. Musk tweeted that the company had already sold 146,000 vehicles in the first 2 days, and then tweeted again when they broke the 250,000 mark.



But how’s this possible? How does a company sell over 145,000 vehicles in the first 48 hours of pre-orders? Check out Tesla’s 5 principles of selling uniqueness with its recently launched Cybertruck...

1. They Pushed the Limits

With the Cybertruck, Tesla did something entirely different in comparison to their other cars—the branding. 

Everything about this vehicle is unique.

We all know Elon Musk is a great marketer and great at getting attention. Right before Cybertruck drove onto the stage, Musk talked about the lack of design changes over the last century. He said, “For like a hundred years, trucks have been basically the same. We want to try something different.” 

And he wasn’t lying. They wanted to do something different and they really pushed the limits with the Cybertruck. In terms of technology, design, features, the Cybertruck really exceeded people’s expectations.

Even Lego took advantage of Tesla’s new truck and tweeted about it…


You see, Musk found some inspiration in the movie Blade Runner. He said the Cybertuck would look like a vehicle from the popular sci-fi movie.

In an emailed statement to Business Insider from Syd Mead, Blade Runner’s artistic director says that the Cybertruck "has completely changed the vocabulary of the personal truck market design" and refers to it as "stylistically breathtaking." And of course, Musk thanked him for his comments.


2. Unique Design

Cybertruck has a very particular geometric and trapezoidal design that’s unlike anything ever produced outside of sci-fi movies.

Probably the closest thing to this vehicle would be Back to the Future’s DeLorean. But beyond that, there hasn’t been any other car design like this one.

This one looks nothing like any pickup truck you've ever seen. This futuristic, metal trapezoid on wheels actually looks more like an art piece than a truck. 

It’s built with an exterior shell made from a newly developed stainless steel alloy. And every component is designed for superior strength and passenger protection.

And despite the incident with the live demonstration of how strong the windows were, some of the Cybertruck’s unique characteristics are the fact that it’s bulletproof and has six seats for passengers (including one hidden in the front row) with additional storage under the second-row seats.

3. Exclude Competitors 

Without a doubt, Tesla offers unique product attributes difficult for rivals to copy in terms of technology, customer experience, and design (to name a few).

While the Cybertruck isn’t expected to appeal to traditional pickup buyers, some all-electric pickups are expected to compete against Tesla’s vehicle.

For example, General Motors is planning to release an all-electric pickup in late 2021. Rivian and Lordstown Motors plan to launch EV (electric vehicle) pickup and SUV models by the end of 2020, and Ford Motors is expected to release an all-electric version of its F-150 pickup. 

But despite this, Tesla continues to lead the electric-vehicle market.

In fact, research by JATO shows that Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling electric car in the world in 2018.

JATO reports that Tesla sold about 138,000 Model 3 vehicles last year (more electric vehicles than any other automaker in 2018). And that’s more than contenders like the flagship EV of state-owned Chinese automaker BAIC (92,000) and the Nissan Leaf (85,000). 

And in 2019, June was the best month for EV sales. 


Source: https://insideevs.com/news/357565/ev-sales-scorecard-june-2019/



Source: https://insideevs.com/news/357565/ev-sales-scorecard-june-2019/

At the beginning of 2019, Tesla started delivering Model 3s in Europe for the first time. They also expanded to China — the largest market in the world for electric cars. 


With those new markets (Europe and China) for the Model 3, Tesla had increased the estimated sales of the car by more than 100,000 in 2019. And for this year, the company accounted for 63% of all electric vehicles sales. 

4. Not Afraid of Polarizing

Cybertruck is one of the most polarising products recently released. 

This is actually quite a rare thing to occur, especially from such a well-known company like Tesla because most of the previous models presented by the company were loved by the public.

Sometimes if you try to appeal to everyone, you may end up appealing to no one. And that’s a risk Musk took with the Cybertruck.

But Tesla’s not afraid of polarizing people. They introduced this truck that could be loved by many and hated by a few. Because let’s face it, this large metallic trapezoid was far from what most people were anticipating. 

And that’s the thing with polarization. Some people may think “what the heck is that?” while others could be falling in love with the product.

However, some have questioned if Musk rushed the launch of the Cybertruck since some features such as side mirrors and windshield wipers were missing during the showcase. That and the poor performance of the windows strength have led some people to wonder. Is the vehicle just a concept or theory? Or is it an actual mass-production model?

Well, we’ll find out if polarizing was a good idea for Tesla when they start delivering the vehicles.

And speaking of polarization, this what Guy Kawasaki has to say about it:

“Don’t be afraid to polarize people. Most companies want to create the holy grail of products that appeals to every demographic, social-economic background, and geographic location. To attempt to do so guarantees mediocrity. Instead, create great products that make segments of people very happy. And fear not if these products make other segments unhappy. The worst case is to incite no passionate reactions at all, and that happens when companies try to make everyone happy.”

5. Price

The Cybertruck’s starting price oscillates between $39,900 and $69,900. This a unique characteristic of Tesla. They make affordable vehicles for the public.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: “$30,000-$60,000 is way too expensive.” Well, I’m not saying it’s cheap. What I’m trying to say is that compared to other vehicle manufacturers, Tesla actually isn’t one of the most expensive.

And even better, the Cybertruck will be offered to the audience in 3 versions. This will give people the opportunity to choose the truck that adapts better to their needs and budget.

You can start by paying $100 (refundable) to preorder your car.

The first Cybertruck model is the Single Motor RWD that starts with $39,900—that's only $10,000 more than the price of a Ford F-15 which starts at $30,000. It has rear-wheel-drive, a 250-mile per-charge range, a 7,500-pound tow rating and a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 6.5 seconds. 

The second version offered is a $49,900 Dual Motor all-wheel-drive model. This one has 300-mile per-charge range, the tow rating to 10,000 pounds and reduces the 0-60 mph time to 4.5 seconds. 

And the third Cybertruck version is a $69,900 Tri-Motor all-wheel-drive model. It has twin rear electric motors that can go 500 miles, tow 14,000 pounds, accelerate to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, and cover a quarter-mile in 10.8 seconds.

Optionally, any of the 3 Cybertrucks versions will be equipped with the hardware needed to activate the full self-driving system and a computer-controlled air suspension system that can lower the vehicle for entry and highway driving. When pre-ordering the vehicle you must pay $7,000 for this feature.

Where Is the Uniqueness? 

Nowadays, Cybertruck is without question one of the most unique cars in the vehicle industry.

But not only is it different than other vehicles, it’s also presented uniquely among other Tesla’s cars on their website.

If you take a look at the other Tesla cars on the web, you’ll see some subtle differences that make Cybertruck unique.

Let’s see where it stands out from the rest...

Logo: Probably one of the most eye-catching characteristics about Cybertruck is its impactful graffiti font style used for its logo. Just like graffiti on a wall, the font’s a bit illegible and hard to read. Even if you take a closer look at it, it’s not easy to comprehend. The letters “U” and “C” look like a “K”. 


Source: www.tesla.com

If you see Tesla’s other cars on their website, you can see how all of the other logos have the same white legible font (except for Roadster and Cybertruck’s which are black).


Source: www.tesla.com


Source: www.tesla.com

This graffiti-like typography is unique, memorable, and definitely stands out. It’s not a conventional font, especially for logos. People will likely remember the image of the logo rather than the word itself.

Website Design: As I mentioned above, Tesla’s website shows all car models (S, 3, X, Y) with the same font style and color except for the Cybertruck and Roadster.

The font style and color are consistent. And all car images are featured outdoors except for Cybertruck which appears indoors.

Another characteristic of the web design that makes Cybertruck unique is an uppercase single liner to describe the car.

Also, the “Order Now” buttons have a small sharp cut at the bottom right.


Source: www.tesla.com

Features: Tesla is the pioneer in electric vehicles and has got all the gadgets. And that has given them the advantage to offer to their audience plenty of features you won’t find on other mass-market trucks. Here are a few that stand out:

  • It lights up: It comes with a full-width LED headlight bar and an auxiliary strip for off-road driving hidden at the top of its windshield.
  • It’s made from space age material: Cybertruck’s built with a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton of 30X cold-rolled stainless steel used on the SpaceX Starship. This makes it scratch and dent-resistant. Tesla even claims the Cybertruck can withstand a 9-mm. firearm round. Pretty cool, right?
  • Steering wheel: Driving the Cybertruck could almost feel like piloting a plane. No, I’m not exaggerating. Believe it or not, Tesla’s new car has a steering wheel that models an aircraft yoke. This is a unique characteristic that you won’t find in any other vehicle in the world. Not even in other EVs.


Source: www.tesla.com

  • It’s got a ramp: The Cybertruck will come with an optional Cyberquad electric ATV. This is an electric quad bike all-terrain vehicle created by Tesla (just like the one you see in the image below). People will be able to drive the ATV into the bed using the ramp or roll materials into the bed in general. Perhaps a regular bike?


  • It’s got 6-packs: Unlike traditional trucks (and cars in general), the Cybertruck has 3 front seats as well as 3 back seats. The middle one turns into an armrest when not in use. The pickup features a 6-passenger interior with a central front jump seat. 


  • It cooks: Do you want to go camping and not pack a tent or a wireless stove? Cybertruck’s got all that for you. The vehicle includes a polygonal tent, a raised sleeping floor for the bed, and a slide-out electric stove that runs off the battery pack. Another great unique add-on that no other car manufacturer offers.

Features Missing: One thing that calls people’s attention is the fact that Cybertruck seems to be missing some important features.

Did you notice that the truck doesn’t have side mirrors or windshield wipers? 

And where’s the logo?

Have you ever seen a Mercedes Benz without its popular logo? And what about Ford cars?

They always have their logo, especially during showcases. But for Tesla’s Cybertruck, those features are nowhere around the car. And these are some other characteristics that make this futuristic car so unique.


No, it’s not a spaceship. It’s a truck.

It looks like it comes from the future but it comes from the present to remain in the future.

There’s no question that Tesla knows how to sell uniqueness in each of its vehicles, especially with the Cybertruck.

Elon Musk isn’t afraid of polarization. He pushed the limits when creating this metallic trapezoid on wheels. He knew how to sell something that excludes the competition, something that offers a truly unique design, and affordable price. 

Cybertruck’s uniqueness in terms of technology, design, features, and customer experience goes beyond people’s expectations. I mean, where else will you find a truck like Tesla’s with a ramp, 6-pack, and a slide-out electric stove?

Nowhere. Period.

Car manufacturers may copy what Tesla just released but Musk’s empire will definitely be the worldwide pioneer of electric vehicles.

If you see a car like the Cybertruck driving around in the street, you’re gonna stop whatever you’re doing and stare at it because that car is unique. And then, you’re going to start seeing more cars like those in the future (copycats). 

And there’s the power of uniqueness.

Now tell me something, what do you think is Tesla’s most considerable unique attribute? Do you also sell uniqueness in your business? 

Let me know in the comments below.

Keep funnelin’, stay focused,



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