How Video Affects Upsell Landing Pages. You’ll Be Surprised!

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  • Today, I compare whether videos on your upsell landing pages are worth having or not.
  • AutoGrow did experience more tripwire sales when we posted an accompanying video compared to when we didn’t.

Hey, Matt here again from Here’s another episode of Matt Hacks coming right at you, where in 10 minutes or less, I give you actionable tips to make you more awesome at marketing and accelerate your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. That's our mission.

So earlier this week, we were talking about the different types of upsells and where you can make them, like at the point of checkout or in an email autoresponder.

We also talked about what was possible with upsells and the way they can work to double or better the average customer value if you do them right, and if you're willing to be a little bit open-minded and experiment, as was the case with the company Fuzzy Yellow Balls. In this video, I'm going to answer the question of whether or not you should include video on your upsell landing pages.

So let's say that you're looking to grow conversion rates in your existing sales funnel. You're seeing some sales come in, and in particular on the landing pages where you're upselling existing customers to the next-level offer.

This could be immediately at checkout or landing pages where people are directed to from your email follow-up, as I mentioned.

Today’s question is, should you be including a video? Is that going to help your landing pages work that much harder to actually sell?

The Case for Using Videos on Upsell Landing Pages

Now, everyone and their grandma is screaming out video on the web.

"Oh, video is going to be big. Video is going to be big. 2016. It's gonna be the year of video." These are all trends. They're all up and to the right.

Yes, video is important, and it works because it humanizes your brand. That’s just another kind of level or dimension you can give to your funnel for people to interact with and understand your brand, website, and whether you're trustworthy online.

There's also a lot of people who are claiming that video will grow your sales. My question is, will it really? I mean is it really worth your money and your time to create a whole big custom video, which can be expensive?

Well, let me give you a quick story, and then we'll look at a few data points to see what other results have been generated for other people and other companies, okay?

We're going to look at both sides of the coin.

So anyway, quick story. The beginning of this year, before I started doing these Matt Hack videos, and the reason I got the idea to do them in the first place, was I started putting out a video with our weekly articles, which come out on Tuesdays.

It was around this time that we launched our initial tripwire for $7, which was an inexpensive offer that worked to get the customer relationship started.

I did an experiment where I would switch off between doing a video and not doing a video on different days of the week to go with the article, and otherwise, just to kind of put out a video with a tip like this. Again, this was before it was called Matt Hacks.

I started to notice a pattern. On the days where I included a video with the content, the sales to the tripwire would go up. On days where we didn't have a video, sales would be lower.

Now, I added up the total number and you can see the data actually represented in this graph right here.


If you add up the numbers as we did, I found that we made double the number of sales on days where we were publishing content with a video.

I found this compelling, and that's why I decided to start doing these Matt Hack videos regularly. Being transparent, open, and really putting myself out there as the face of our brand and as a cheerleader for the company, well, people seem to like it. So I said, "Let's just keep doing it." It has continued to have a positive effect.

Now, one caveat is that this data you see here is not statistically significant. It's based on less than 300 conversions. So what I can say is that this data represents a correlation.

Although, I'm confident that it would prove to be true if we counted it to the level of statistical significance, where we have a 98% level of statistical confidence, it would be true. I just want to give you that caveat.

So why would video work in the first place?

Well, if we look at what Unbounce has to say, they put out this guide talking about the benefits of using video on a landing page.

One of the sources they cite is from a company called Eyeview Digital. It's a whitepaper that Eyeview Digital put out that suggests that landing pages with video can increase conversions by up to 80%.

I went and perused their website, since they look like a fairly credible company. Again, you know, I should say the caveat is they would have an incentive in discovering research data like this, because they are a company where their whole premise is based on videos that drive ROI for their clients.

They also have a ton of case studies, because even though I couldn't find this whitepaper, they do have a ton of case studies that still back up this data.

Some reasons why video can lift conversions on your landing page, again, is it makes sense with what I was just saying about the videos that I started putting out as a sequence test.

You know, people are lazy. You prefer a different medium to just reading. If you feature yourself or company employees in the video, the trust factor is raised significantly. Videos can increase the length of time that people stay on your page. It’s often more interesting to watch a video than read something.

The Case for Not Using Videos on Upsell Landing Pages

Now, to be fair, I wanted to find some other research that showed a case study where video actually decreased conversions on a landing page. I found one on the Unbounce blog as well.

In this case, you can see that the video is featured towards the bottom. Unbounce reported as part of this case study that conversions were lowered by 64% as a result of adding video to this landing page.


The caveat to that, is that they hypothesized the reason why this was happening was that it was at the bottom of the page and it was under the call-to-action button.

Further, I would suggest that there may be other factors at play, too. It could be something to do with the traffic, the length of the video, or how it complimented the copy on the page. Perhaps it raised more questions that simply people weren't able to get answered, either from the video or on the page.

There's another case study I wanted to stay away from, but I'm going to cite it anyway because I'm saving it for last.

I think that so many other websites have cited this as the Holy Grail case study. It comes from Crazy Egg and it's a very legitimate case study from

They showed how A/B testing a version of the landing page with and without video worked to increase sales conversions on the page by 63%.

So that's the final data caveat I'll tell you. I've honestly found much more data showing that video helps rather than hurts.

What I would say to you is if you're trying to decide whether or not to add video, whether it's worth your time, I would say it is worth your time and you should experiment with it and you should go for it. Some people like to skim and scan. Some people like to watch videos. Some people just like a combination of the different options, but it adds a different dimension, it boosts the trust factor, and it does keep people on the page longer so that they can better understand, digest, and consider your offer.

One Action to Take Right Now

To wrap up, here's the one action to walk away from this video and execute on. We've been talking about the value of adding videos to landing pages to increase your conversion rate on your upsells, right? From my own experience, we rolled out a new upsell just the other day that we just started testing out, and I knew that I wanted to experiment with video on the landing page.

So what I did was I recorded a quick three-minute tour, just to give people a clearer idea in my own words of what the product was all about, what they were going to get, what problem it was going to solve for them, and the benefits in general, as well as the features. What we're seeing is that the offer is converting very, very well right now.

I want you to do the same. If you have an offer ready to go that you're upselling or that you're going to upsell, I want you to record a short video. It doesn't have to take you longer than five minutes, all right?

Your homework for today is after this video, use a screencast software tool and take just two minutes to prepare bullet points of what you want to say. Focus on the problem, and when you talk, speak like a human. Record your screen as you go through and give a breakdown of what exactly they're going to get in terms of their problem, and then how your solution matches up to solve it, and the individual benefits and features to go with it.

So that's all for today's video. If you never want to miss out on another Matt Hack, make sure to subscribe. The subscription link is directly below in the description on YouTube. If you're watching this on our blog, the link is in the yellow box directly below this video. You can click that, pop in your email address, and you'll never miss another Matt Hack. We send these four times per week.

So tune in next time. Next week on Monday we start another cycle of Matt Hacks. We have a new focus for the week, traffic. Don't miss that.

We're going to talk about how we're growing our traffic using social media, content marketing, and SEO. Follow along. So as always, my name is Matt Ack in the Matt hat, delivering your daily dose of Matt Hacks. Have a great weekend. Keep hustling, stay focused.

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