23 Best Lead Magnet Examples To Help You Convert Leads Like Crazy [Updated For 2023]


Remember when you were a kid playing with toys, just waiting to be set free when that school bell rang?

You'd rush to the playground to find your BFFAE (Best Friend Forever And Ever) to play with.

But then you'd spot a shiny new toy they had. And you just had to have it. You'd beg them to share just a piece of their fun – maybe a bite of a coveted candy bar.

But instead of sharing, they'd cling to it and dangle it like a carrot, sort of bribing you to stay interested.

The same thing happens with lead magnets.

Your website visitors come to your site, see something they like, but wait for you to offer them a taste of it… Without a taste, they may leave and never experience your offerings at all.

You should bribe visitors with a sampling of what you provide. It motivates them to become customers.

Let's explore 23 high-converting lead magnet examples from top businesses. You can model these to create irresistible bribes for your own audience and start converting prospects.

The right lead magnet gives that crucial first taste to turn visitors into loyal customers - or even BFFAEs!

Before we look at the 23 lead magnet examples, let’s take a few seconds to talk about the basics.

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AutoGrow has created hundreds of custom, high-converting lead magnets for clients over the years. Check out some of our Lead Magnet Examples here.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is something you give away for free to get people interested in your business, products, or services.

It helps turn visitors to your site into leads by capturing their contact info.

Some examples are free ebooks, checklists, courses, and templates. The lead magnet gives the person something useful.

In exchange, you get their email address or other contact details.

Why Use a Lead Magnet?

There are some significant benefits to using lead magnets:

  • They offer value to visitors so they engage with your business.
  • You can use the lead info later to market to those people.
  • Lead magnets show your knowledge and build trust.
  • They give people a taste of what you provide.
  • It's an easy, low-cost way to generate leads.

Creating an Effective Lead Magnet

From my over 17+ years of experience as a founder and marketer, I can tell you creating effective lead magnets is not rocket science. Follow these tips to make a great lead magnet:

  • Make sure it gives real value to your target audience. It should help solve a problem.
  • Keep it closely tied to your products, services, or expertise.
  • Use an attractive headline and image so it stands out.
  • Gate it behind an email signup so you capture contacts.
  • Promote it on your website, social media, emails, and ads.
  • Deliver lots of value but leave them wanting more from you.

Do this right, and your lead magnet becomes a powerful tool for lead generation and sales.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the lead magnets examples!




AutoGrow is a full stack digital marketing company focused on helping businesses scale. .

AutoGrow provides an on-demand, done-for-you human marketing team to help your business grow its online presence and become more profitable.

We offer a great tool - an 11-point perfect sales funnel checklist for coaches who want to go from making hundreds of dollars to to thousands regularly in their coaching business.

This valuable resource gives a step-by-step action plan needed to make a significant business-growth switch. AutoGrow prominently displays a high-contrasting CTA button focused on inviting a prospect to download the checklist. And in exchange for the list, they have to enter their email address.


Offering a PDF adds extra incentive for your site’s visitors to give away their contact information. There’s a feeling of “ownership” whenever you offer something they can download. People like to “own” these digital assets because they can always refer back to them later.


Digital Marketer

A swipe file is a compilation of templates and different resources that you might want to swipe and refer back to later. Landing page copy, emails, blog posts, sales letters, ANYTHING.

DigitalMarketer is a digital marketing membership website that offers a variety of info products and a private login area for paying members.

For a prospect to download their swipe file, they’re first sent to a simple landing page where the swipe file resource is advertised. After clicking the orange call-to-action button, the visitor is immediately shown a pop-up opt-in box asking them for their name and email address.


After the visitor opts in, they are then redirected to an upsell page, and the link to download the file is sent via email.

This lead magnet works because Digital Marketer actually saw a 69.6% conversion rate during 14 days of sending a swipe file-related email campaign to their email list.

By the way, they also used paid ads to drive those leads. Just in case you’re thinking you’ll copy this example and BOOM, get the same numbers right away like magic.

Another reason why this lead magnet works is people love examples of how to do anything, especially if it removes some of the guesswork from their jobs. Having 72 proven headlines to draw from when creating social media posts—that’s a no-brainer. Even I want to sign up for that swipe file.


Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is an online membership management platform and web-based software.

When prospects visit their site, they’ll notice the prominent 30-day free trial offer to try their software.


After clicking the yellow button on the homepage, prospects will be asked to sign up and put in their email address along with their organization name and type. After completing the form, prospects get to enjoy a 30-day free trial.


Associations, non-profits, and clubs use Wild Apricot to manage their members. They also help avoid unnecessary complexity like needing Microsoft Excel or a mishmash of third-party plug-ins to manage data.

This lead magnet works because signing up for Wild Apricot is simple. That simplicity is everywhere, from the homepage design to the above-the-fold offer. And not requesting credit card info gives prospects peace of mind too.



This company specializes in converting and monetizing website traffic, growing business’ email lists, getting more leads, and increasing sales with a powerful conversion optimization toolkit.

OptinMonster’s lead magnet offer is an ebook on reducing shopping cart abandonment and growing eCommerce revenue. It teaches prospects 12 proven ways to get more of their visitors to complete checkout.

According to HubSpot, ebooks are the most popular form of lead magnet and 27.7% of marketers use them today. Also, they say that the average ebook length is between 5k-10k words.

For OptinMonster, the offer is displayed as a pop-up when a prospect is navigating through the homepage.


After they add their name and email address, the download link is immediately displayed in another pop-up.


It’s a simple lead magnet, but sometimes simplicity works.


List Goal


List Goal is a free software tool to get more email subscribers on your email list and to monitor email lists’ performances.

Their lead magnet offer is a software tool. This is a popular type of lead magnet because everyone wants to know what software and tools the pros and experts use.

To use List Goal, you first need to sign up. Then, plug in whichever email tool you’re using and integrate it. List Goal will then be installed via your Google Chrome browser.

After installation, whenever you open a new tab on Google Chrome, you’ll see your goal, front and center. You can then track your daily subscribers who are joining your email list and your overall progress toward your overarching goal.

This lead magnet works because it’s simple to use. Also, your list-building goal remains at the forefront on a day-to-day basis, and you can see a direct cause-and-effect relationship play out each day.

For example, maybe your new blog article pushed traffic or conversions. With List Goal, you can see what works and what doesn’t. In that regard, it’s like having your finger right on the pulse of your email list’s growth.




MarketingSherpa is a publisher that focuses on reporting on inspirational stories of customer-first marketing. The firm does research on marketing trends, so marketers like you can use that information to make better-informed decisions.

The case study they offer on their website is a detailed real-life example of one business that used 10 of their strategies to improve their customer service.

To download the lead magnet, the prospect needs to put in their email address, their first and last name, and the name of their company. They also have to give permission to receive any promotional materials.

This lead magnet works because the audience wants to know exactly how MarketingSherpa’s strategies help so they can apply those strategies to their own businesses.


Smart Marketer

Smart Marketer is an e-commerce digital training program designed by Ezra Firestone.

When a prospect shows they’re about to exit Smart Marketer’s website by moving their mouse up to the back or exit button, they’re greeted by an exit-intent pop-up. This box offers the site’s visitors the exact system this company used to catapult its eCommerce brand to $70.5M in sales in the last 4 years.

Prospects only have to enter their email address to access the training.


This lead magnet works because the training is packed full of valuable lessons on how to scale to 8 figures with project management. It also works because the exit-intent pop-up is shown when the user is about to leave your website. It displays a widget encouraging the prospect not to leave and to download the training instead.

Some might think that exit-intent pop-ups are annoying, but they actually perform well. In fact, adding an exit pop-up can “save” 10 to 15% of lost visitors, according to Conversion Sciences.

It’s essential to be cautious with this strategy, as it can easily tarnish your brand if done too aggressively.



MuleSoft helps companies connect various SaaS tools and enterprise-level apps together to create automation and shared data benefits.

Site visitors can choose from a collection of different guidebooks on a dedicated landing page.


This guidebook on how to make your enterprise app ready gives readers insights into key technology trends impacting the enterprise. Plus, it also offers tips on how to expand the addressable market without additional resources. SaaS executives can learn more about how to position their apps for the enterprise market from a tech perspective.


However, the CTA button for downloading the guidebook is a bit hard to read. If you’ve read some of the 313 case studies analyzed in the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, you’d know that a clear CTA button can increase bookings by 13%.


After clicking on the almost invisible button, visitors must fill out the form to opt-in and receive the free PDF guidebook via download.

The lead magnet offer is extremely specific as far as who the sales copy is targeting—SaaS executives.

One problem, though, is that the opt-in form requires a phone number. And it’s unlikely anyone would want to give up their phone number for a free guidebook.

On top of that, the numbers of form fields itself are a bit high too. One of the 313 case studies analyzed in the Proven Sales Conversion Pack shows that utilizing a 3-field form can increase downloads by 120.39%. So in this lead magnet example, conversions may have been hurt significantly by the 5 fields on the form.


Even if you’re planning on selling to someone who fills out the form, MuleSoft should give some background information on who they are and what value they provide customers.


Bluewire Media


Bluewire Media specializes in helping consultants and professional advisors grow their pipeline of qualified leads and convert them into clients.

One example of a lead magnet this company offers is a checklist on how to create a lead magnet (how “meta” is that?). The offer for this product is shown right in the navigation.


This is actually the most generous website I’ve come across. Bluewire Media

offers 33 (yes, 33!) different lead magnets, including checklists, templates, and ebooks.

That’s impressive!

When you click “33 Free Templates” on the navigation, you can see how all of their lead magnet options are displayed on a dedicated products page.


This type of lead magnet is very useful because checklists eliminate guesswork, are very clear on what you need to include to accomplish something, and they’re free.


Minimalist Baker


Fitness and healthy living are everywhere you look today. Especially when it comes to social media.

If you are in the food and/or fitness niche, recipes make great lead magnets. They are easily digested (pun intended) and highly actionable. Any combination of recipes with meal plans, as long as they offer some kind of health benefit, is always convenient for any audience.

Besides the fact that everyone wants to be fit nowadays and look like supermodels, health is a trend that will never be out of style.

So no matter if you’re a chef, trainer, yoga instructor, food blogger, or any other kind of health and food professional, you might want to consider giving away a cookbook or recipes as your lead magnet.

Minimalist Baker is a company that offers simple recipes made with 10 ingredients or less and in 30 minutes or less. For their lead magnet offer, they have an ebook with their top 10 recipes.


This lead magnet works because cookbooks and recipes offer tremendous value within 5 minutes from opting in because the prospect can start consuming (last pun, I promise) the value of it right away.

Sick of guessing which words will sell? Create high-converting ads, pages, and funnels with done-for-you templates and scripts from million-dollar companies. Get Your Ultimate Swipe File Here!


Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is a business consultant and marketing expert. She teaches business owners and entrepreneurs the steps to take for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell effortlessly.

Cheat sheets are great lead magnets because they’re short, easy to create, and don’t require you to be an expert at something.

On this website, the cheat sheet offer is prominently advertised on the homepage.


After clicking the yellow call-to-action button, the visitor is immediately shown a pop-up opt-in to add their name and email address. After the prospect opts in, they’re redirected to a thank you page, and the link for downloading the cheat sheet is sent via email.


This lead magnet works because prospects are given two different choices they can download (a cheat sheet and a guide). This means that people are more likely to find a lead magnet that aligns with their interests, and therefore, they’re more likely to subscribe to the email list.




Backlinko is a popular website for SEO and link building. Founded by search engine optimization expert, Brian Dean, Backlinko teaches people how to improve their websites. And get higher search rankings to attract more visitors.

The lead magnet Backlinko uses is a newsletter offering exclusive SEO tips to members. With an email capture box clearly displayed on their homepage, interested people can sign up to start getting the tips.

The newsletter magnet aligns well with Backlinko's SEO niche. It helps them attract and nurture targeted leads effectively. Leads who need help with SEO services later become paying customers.


Hardnut Advertising

Hardnut Advertising is a creative branding agency that turns watered-down websites and brands into quality lead generation and sales-driving machines. They help businesses create clear branding and messaging to increase market value, generate new customers, improve customer loyalty, and increase employee satisfaction.

Many businesses offer free consultations as lead magnets, and they work because a free call gives businesses the perfect excuse to ask for their prospects’ email.

Free consultations make a great bottom-of-funnel offer for businesses that offer a service.

In Hardnut Advertising’s service page, look at how they prominently show the CTA button in a high-contrasting and electric color, inviting the prospect to book a call.


After clicking, prospects are asked to leave their first name, last name, email address, phone, and their answer to one business-related question. Based on a case study from the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, simplifying a 3-step form garners a 30% lift in conversion, so it may be even better to have a 2-step form.



Syed Balkhi

Over 9 million websites use Syed Balkhi’s software. You know him, right? The humble guy that makes 8-figures, founder of OptinMonster and WPBeginner…

Well, on his personal blog, he focuses on building businesses online and offers insightful and relevant content on how to grow their businesses.

For his lead magnet offer, he prominently advertises on his homepage the exact toolkit he uses to grow and manage his 8-figure online business plus a bonus - his special growth hack strategies.


A toolkit combines multiple related resources into one bundled asset focused on accomplishing a goal.

For example, a social media marketing toolkit could include:

  • Tailored templates for creating posts, ads, and other assets
  • A customizable content calendar
  • A guide to developing your strategy
  • Checklists for optimizing profiles
  • Spreadsheets for analyzing performance
  • Cheat sheets for quick reference

The toolkit compiles all these complementary components into one robust package. This adds tremendous value for the recipient.

A benefit of using toolkits is that you can become an affiliate for those products. So this type of lead magnet not only provides a handy resource to your visitors, but it can also generate revenue for your business.


Neil Patel

A quiz is an entertaining type of lead magnet, and that’s why it often converts so well.

Neil Patel displays full-screen pop-up advertising his quiz right after prospects visit his website. He offers customized advice that walks prospects through how they can get more traffic to their website and how they can rank higher on Google in less than 30 days.


For this lead magnet, the prospect needs to answer a series of questions. To get the results, the prospect has to enter their name and email address.

This lead magnet works because it only takes 3 minutes to go through it, it adds value to prospects, and it generates a significant amount of social engagement.


Kopywriting Kourse


Spreadsheets are basically a programming tool right at your fingertips.

Kopywriting Kourse offers training on writing better copy for entrepreneurs and business owners in the form of a spreadsheet that can be used to improve personal writing skills.

When prospects visit their homepage, they have to scroll to the bottom of the page to read their blog. There’s no navigation elsewhere. The site is focused on getting you to opt in.

When you do so, you’ll see the links to access the spreadsheets.

Though, I think there could be a few tweaks made to Kopywriting Kourse’s website as a whole. The site would benefit from a more specific copy that defines its audience and a more precise definition of the product.

In any case, it’s a unique lead magnet that plenty of businesses can get value out of emulating.




A demo is short for a demonstration. It shows how something works by example. Companies often use demos to promote a product or service. They give people a demo to test it out.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing company providing marketing, sales, and customer service software. They also offer training and industry certifications.

They use demos as a lead magnet to show readers exactly how to reach business goals with their software. The free demo lets people experience HubSpot's value. In return, HubSpot gets new leads already interested in the brand.

The demo gives a taste of their offerings in action and convinces many leads to buy the paid tools afterward.

A free demo can work for any business selling software products or services. It’s all about giving great value to potential customers.


Sally’s Baking Addiction

You might think cookbooks may not be a good lead magnet idea because there are tons of recipes available online. But recipes can be for more than just food.

So, no matter what industry you’re in, you can deliver to your prospects a recipe for any purpose (health, parties, entertainment, etc.).

On Sally’s Baking Addiction’s website, a pop-up is displayed after arriving on the landing page for downloading 10 recipes for this fall.


These recipes convert because they are bite-sized and easy to digest, and prospects can get value from them easily and quickly.


Smart Business Revolution

A template can be any downloadable asset that provides an outline, a draft, a blueprint, or some sort of starting point so the user only fills in the blanks.

Smart Business Revolution offers “the magic email template” as their lead magnet. This is a great asset because it’s something that anyone, from small business owners to successful entrepreneurs can simply copy and paste and customize the content.


This lead magnet example works because the offer is very clear and stands out right after someone visits their homepage. Also, there is no navigation, so that actually makes the decision to download the template even easier.




A coupon code is a special code that gives you a discount when you shop online. Online stores create coupon codes to give people lower prices on products and promote sales.

Udemy is a popular online learning platform where you can take lots of video courses on things like design, business, and technology. But you have to pay for most of the classes.

Udemy uses coupon codes to attract visitors and turn them into happy customers. That is where they get very smart.

The coupon codes give you a discount when you pay for a course. This makes people want to try Udemy because, with a coupon code, you can take paid classes for less money.

The type of lead magnet makes people create Udemy accounts and the company gets more sign-ups this way. The coupon code plan fits perfectly with Udemy's business model.

The Udemy coupon codes offer work because the offer pops up prominently at the top of the home page.

Visitors to the site can’t miss the purple 'click to redeem' button. Another reason why it works great is people like to save money with coupons.

People give their email and credit card info to use the codes. This lets Udemy sell more classes later to the same students.

The codes get Udemy new leads. The leads buy more later after trying the cheaper courses first. The coupon code strategy is part of why Udemy is successful with its online classes.


Software Advice


Software Advice is a website that helps you find business software. You can get one-on-one recommendations from their experts. They learn about your business needs and then suggest the best software options for you.

They have guides, articles, and reviews for each software type. The reviews tell about other users' experiences with the software. This helps businesses pick the best ones.

According to a 2022 survey, SMBs often take 3 - 6 months to go through the decision-making process and purchase new software. Software Advice helps to make the purchase faster.


Software Advice offers free software advice as a lead magnet. They get your phone number and email address this way.

The company communicates with you and gives personalized advice on software. Then they recommend software vendors to drive sales and earn commissions for themselves.


Their free advice works as a lead magnet because it helps businesses get expert guidance tailored to their needs. It positions them as experts in matching software to businesses and it comes at no cost.

Personalized help builds trust and converts leads well. The captured lead info is used for future marketing opportunities.


Search Engine Journal


Search Engine Journal (SEJ) is a popular website for SEO and marketing news. They host webinars to teach marketing skills and strategies.

SEJ uses free webinars to capture leads. They pick hot topics for each webinar. The titles and summaries pull in people interested in webinar topics.

The webinars deliver lots of tips and advice for free. They also build interest in paid services. Search Engine Journal nurtures webinar participants into customers by reaching out to them frequently.

Search Engine Journal uses webinars as a tool to reach its goal of selling services to the SEO industry. The webinars attract the right audience for their business.

In B2B marketing, 73% of webinar attendees turn into leads.

The free webinars work great as a lead magnet for SEJ for several reasons. The purple and black flashing webinar invite button is a striking feature of their home page.

The webinars also promise to give value to readers by teaching useful SEO tips. They present Search Engine Journal as experts who have cutting-edge knowledge to share.




Gated content means only some people can get access to a particular content. You have to give your contact information to gain access.

Gated content can be things like articles, videos, reports, or checklists. The website “gates” it behind a form.

When you try to get the gated content, it asks for your email or other details. That's the “gate” to seeing it.

Businesses gate content for several reasons. One of which is a means to get leads. Gated content could be an effective lead generation magnet.

CNBC, a leading business and financial news network, uses gated content as a lead generation magnet.

Their gated articles often cover big stories in the financial industry or business reports. The headlines pull in readers who want to know more.

When readers click on the headlines and start reading these articles, a form pops up after a few seconds. To access the full story, they must enter their email address to sign up for a free trial.

Why does gated content work well as a lead generation magnet?

It works for CNBC because their visitors are often eager to read valuable news content. It works too for other businesses.

You just need valuable business content that attracts visitors and makes them want to have full access. Put it behind a ‘gate’ to capture many new leads.

CNBC follow up with captured leads to market their subscription plans

Promoting Your Lead Magnet

Creating a fantastic lead magnet is only the first step. You also need to drive ample traffic to your offer so it can start generating leads.

Here are some of the top ways to get your lead magnet in front of your target audience:

Email Marketing

Emailing your current subscriber list is one of the most effective ways to promote a new lead magnet.

Segment your list by interests and behaviors to target the most relevant groups with a dedicated email blast. Catch readers' attention with an enticing subject line speaking to the offer's value.

Social Media

Leverage platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to share your lead magnet offer. Create posts with compelling copy and visuals.

Experiment with different ad formats like carousels and stories. Retarget warm leads by remarketing the offer across their social feeds.

Paid Ads

Running paid ads like Facebook and Google campaigns can rapidly scale access to your lead magnet. Focus ads on cold audiences that match your buyer persona.

Drive them directly to the lead magnet landing page so they can easily convert.

Guest Posting

Reaching out to partners who accept guest posts on high-authority sites gets your offer in front of new audiences organically.

Focus on websites your ideal customers read. Don’t forget to link back to your lead magnet in the author bio section.

Website Popups

Display attention-grabbing popups or slide-ins that promote your lead magnet. They can help convert existing website visitors.

Trigger popups based on certain actions like exit intent or time on the page. Keep the design clean and the message impactful.

Driving traffic is crucial to lead magnet success. Take an integrated promotion approach across many channels for the widest reach. Continually experiment with new strategies and creatives to maximize conversions.

Maximizing Your Lead Magnet Performance Through Testing

Creating an effective lead magnet takes work. You need to keep testing and improving it over time. Here are some tips that could make your lead magnet convert more:

Test Different Content Formats

See if a checklist, video, or something else works better than a PDF. Test to figure out the format your target audience prefers.

Experiment with Varied Headlines

The headline you use matters. Try some different ones to see which headlines get more people to sign up.

Change up the Design

Optimize the visual look and feel of your lead magnet through A/B testing. Try different styles for your CTA button, form fields, and graphics. See if simpler and cleaner converts better than flashy and over-designed. Refine imagery to make sure it connects with your brand and audience.

Analyze Performance Data

Use tools like Google Analytics to see how many people signed up to get your lead magnet. The numbers show what's working and what's not.

Don’t Stop Improving

Don't rest on your oars after making your first lead magnet. Keep making it better based on what tests well. Be flexible to make the required changes. Improving your lead magnet comes with huge rewards.


Need all your marketing projects and tasks done-for-you by a team of proven human professionals? Sign up to try our done-for-you services for 7 days for only $7

Bribe your site’s visitors with a piece of what they will buy from you when they become your customers.

If you create a lead magnet on a topic your target audience is interested in and wants to learn about, you’ll have a much higher chance of converting them.

Keep your lead magnet short and sweet—longer and boring lead magnets don’t always convert better. If they are not easy to digest and take too much time to consume, prospects won’t be able to implement that knowledge right away.

Offer them what they want—something they can watch, read, or use to accomplish their goal right away, something that shows them how to solve a problem or keep growing.

And remember, you don’t need to be an expert to create a lead magnet. Just turn whatever you already have into a high-converting resource so you can convert leads like crazy.

Now, tell me something…

Which lead magnet examples do you think will work better for your business? If you’ve already begun testing some ideas, which has been the most effective?

Let me know in the comments below.

Keep AutoGrowin’, stay focused,



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